Woman is always in the center of the brand's world. It is she who sets the whole creative machine in motion. She’s the beginning of every collection. The source of energy and bestower of the idea.
Courage in breaking patterns and barriers. Insight in discovering the truth about yourself and the environment. Consistency and stubbornness in changing the world. And confidence of herself and her chosen path.

The meaning of the brand

Confashion is a modern fashion concept, founded in Poznań in 2011. Each collection brings a new set of inspirations carefully translated into projects. What distinguishes Confashion on the Polish market is a passion for prints and adoration of color. The Confashion style is an unpretentious, metropolitan and cosmopolitan mix of styles - the avant-garde of London, the individuality of Berlin and the artistry of New York. From the very beginning Kinga Król is responsible for the artistic layer of the brand.

Key themes

Confashion is above all color, reinterpretation of culture and art as well as uncompromising attitude towards fabrics and workmanship. Although each collection always raises different content, these elements always form an integral part of it, thus being the hallmark of the brand.


Kinga Król

Fashion Designer


Confashion is a fashion brand that works in accordance with the seasonal rhythm adopted by the industry. Two collections are presented during the year – for the summer and the winter. All models are manufactured in a tailor’s workshop in Poznań, that transforms into the ability to fully supervise assemblage of each element of a collection. The technical and logistic back up acquired by the brand so far, allows fruitful cooperation with buyers and boutiques, both at home and abroad.

We are open for cooperation with retail and internet stores as well as independent agents.

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